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Stigma Studios

Piercing and tattoo parlour

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Based in North Chelm, Surrey, Stigma Studios is an award winning piercing and tattoo parlour, offering a team of dedicated and talented artists with a wealth of experience.

We offer a friendly, relaxing atmosphere and work with custom designed tattoos, as well as providing a selection of tattoo designs to choose from. We also do tattoo cover ups and reworks.


Take a look through the work of our in-house artists and find the perfect style for you, every artist has something different to offer and can work with you to create a truly unique and meaningful piece of body art.

For examples of some of Stigma Studios' best work, see our gallery.

  • A studio registered and fully licensed by the Sutton Health Authority.

  • Custom designed tattoos.

  • Passionate, experienced artists.

  • Custom body piercings


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